Social media during a national emergency

Posted on October 23, 2014

_MG_2726During a National Emergency or even the day after, when flags are flying at half-mast, this is a good solemn reminder to watch your business social media auto posts and/or tweets. Perhaps not everyone will be excited, let alone care, about whatever update/event you are posting.

Here is a great article titled “Is Scheduling Social Media Posts a Bad Idea?“.  Using tools like hootsuite or tweetdeck to schedule posts can be a time saver especially on weekends. However, always be prepared to customize or respond with your social media accounts to a national emergency or when a country is in mourning like Canada is today.

If a tweet or post has slipped by, mistakes happen, it’s ok. Simply apologize either in the post itself or issue another separate post. Never delete a post, since that causes confusion to your fans and followers, and shows you are trying to hide something.