Righteous Radio was born in September 1998, on 101.5 UMFM. We are on the University of Manitoba radio station umfm.com. Currently you can hear us on Saturday nights at 10pm.

We love bands that are passionate for God and have a mission for Him.. so if you’re in one, please come see us. Rock on.. and by the way.. Rock on. We try to find musicians who are ardent about their love of Jesus and tell about their life and Him.

Some have described us as contemplative worship. We play bands such as hillsong united, SEBELL, misty edwards, starfield, drew brown, telecast, joel auge, david crowder.. and more.

Event experience:

• 2010 BGEA Rock the River Project Coordinator including Volunteer co-ordination and Band Liaison arrangements
• 2007 Awakening Events for Calvary Temple: Posters, Band Liaison
• 2007 I’ve got a Secret Youth Conference: Graphic Designer, Band Liaison and Coordinator
• 2006 Franklin Graham Central Canada Festival – Band Liaison
• 2006 BGEA Rock the City concert with Third Day: Band Liaison and Driver Coordinator
• 2006 & 2007: YC Manitoba: Hostess/Assistant
• 2006 Missionfest: Photographer
• 2005 YC FUSION Winnipeg: Band liaison/driver/hostess for Tree 63
• 2004 Evangel Church Youth Retreat: Band liaison for Tree 63
• 2004 YC FUSION Winnipeg: Band liaison for Tree 63 and Lustre
• 2004 Missionfest: Band liaison for Thousand Foot Krutch and Photographer
• 2003 YC FUSION Winnipeg: Band liaison for Thousand Foot Krutch
• 2002 YC FUSION Winnipeg: Battle of the Bands Co-ordinator and office staff
• 2001 Liaison for Atlantic Recording Artists P.O.D. for the Winnipeg P.O.D. concert