Righteous Radio Pledge-O-Rama 2014

Posted on October 17, 2014

For UMFM’s third Pledge-O-Rama, I chose one of my favourite musicians, Joel Houston. Again I had followed his career since the beginning, whether it be photograph him around the world or learn all of his songs on guitar. He started off playing bass for the youth band, and now wrote the title songs to Hillsong albums and lead worship around the world.

I chose this image, since somehow, in my excitement at posting their 2007 photos from YC Alberta, it was snagged by some creative person in Brazil. It caught on like wildfire and soon the fictitious album “Extravagant Worship: Songs of Joel Houston” was circulating on all the mp3 shared sites. So I used my original image and made my own double disc compilation of Joel Houston songs.

Above is the cover and inside dedication. Below is the CD insert tray and back.