CMU Website

Posted on July 15, 2009

Canadian Mennonite University’s website was designed in Dreamweaver with HTML and CSS coding. The first web site had a broken template (many of the pages linked to one that couldn’t be found), or no template at all. There were also dead links and missing files throughout the entire site. Many of the main features and menu options for this site, disappeared once you left the home page. This new site had over 500 pages attached to it and was updated daily if not weekly. It was designed for many audiences; new students, current students, parents, alumni, donors, and faculty & staff. One of the on-going challenges was organizing the menu so that every need was met with the best solution.

The new site featured a top branded header image bar, beige background, google search page, rounded menu buttons featuring new programs and social media, and the rss news feed from the new site. Tracked with Google Analytics.

Previous Web site below: